The Sorrow Series | Book 2

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As the rival factions of Vampyres continue their long-standing war, an abrupt escalation in hostilities creates a paradigm shift in the war’s dynamic, forcing its leadership to reconsider the focus of their battle. Kara, leader and most powerful among them, struggles with her own inner turmoil as she tries to deal with the latest casualties of her war.

New threats begin to emerge in the form of an evolved and more active enemy, and the race is on to shut down the clock of the apocalypse before humankind is wiped from the face of the earth. Kara’s council and the city’s most powerful warriors scatter across the country with the hope of a final strike.

After leaving his own brand of combat, one human is unknowingly brought into the unseen war by way of a budding and tumultuous relationship… unknowingly with one of the most powerful beings in existence.


"No, I specifically told you to keep the fire contained. Contained. I can start it and control the flow, but I can’t cool it down. That’s your job."
"Well you shouldn’t have made it so hot." She shrugged.
"Krystal, I-" I held my breath for a moment, squeezing myself between two tractor trailers with little room to spare and taking a sharp off-ramp onto another section of highway. "I had to compensate for the sprinkler system. It was trying to put out the fire."
"If it was putting out, you should have taken lessons. Val would have thanked you." An angry reply was interrupted by two more police cars pulling out from the side of the road, trying to block our path and nearly succeeding. Our car skidded against the dirt of the median as I drove around them, my hands working furiously around the wheel trying to maintain control of the vehicle. Aligning myself with the road again, I stepped on the gas and watched as the now-distant cruisers began to chase us.
"I’m going to kick your skinny ass later."
"Save your energy for the cops, tiger. You can lose to me later."
She’s right. Focus on getting out of this situation.
"Any ideas?" I asked, hoping to get a serious reply.
"Actually, yeah. So we open a bakery, right? But instead of bread and bagels and shit, we only bake desserts-"
"-and then we eat all the desserts-"
"Like the queens we are." She finished, folding her hands neatly on her lap. I paused, breathing deeply and trying not to melt her leather seats.
"Are you done?" I asked, turning my head briefly to look at her.
"I will stop. But I will not apologize. You didn’t feed me before this trip." Like a literal light bulb, a flash of thought ignited a flurry of ideas.
"You know what, Krystal? If you get us out of this, I will buy you dinner."
"Okay…so what?"
"I will get you tacos. As many as you want. And we will only talk about the things that you want to talk about. No lectures, no long talks about feelings, just-" I looked over to see her partially exposed back craned out of the window, her legs wrapped around the seat for stability.
“You had me at tacos, bitch!"

Krystal & Alice

Sisterly dialogue during car chase

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  • Author: Zachary Weaver
  • Publication Date: 09/15/2021
  • Genre: Fiction - Urban Fantasy
  • Publisher: Pitbull Publishing


  • Trade Paperback: ISBN 978-1-970018-08-0
  • Hard Cover: ISBN 978-1-970018-05-9
  • ePub: ISBN 978-1-970018-06-6
  • Kindle: ISBN 978-1-970018-07-3